Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009: my L.I.F.E

  • Enjoying my final year of university life! Hanging around with friends after lectures.
  • Scored in final year thesis and graduated as bachelor of Food Science and Technology.
  • Having my 1st job just after my university studies.
  • A quick switch to 2nd job, which is the current one, after working in 1st company for 1.5 months. Felt lucky in it as I went through 3 interviews before getting the job.
  • 1st time experience going through 1 WHOLE MONTH induction program of company.
  • Enormous time in joining company events, i.e. Heineken Green Room, Guinness Arthurs Day and Children Acheiver Day. Be more sociable now =]
  • Meeting a lot of great people. Exploring myself in different human networks and relationships.
  • Went to Penang in May. The foods were damn nice.
  • For the 1st time, C.I.R.C.L.E.S had a trip OUT of Malaysia! The members went to Singapore in October and it was just NICE.
  • Getting a chance to join a TV game show.
  • Becoming UNCLE this year and my niece is very CUTE!  
  • A fabulous FREE trip to Hanoi, Vietnam in early of December.
Hoping a BETTER 2010!


  1. but your niece cries everytime you kisses her~~ hahaha =p

  2. haha.. kee san, ur comment is funny.. =P

  3. Keesan and bk: Ya ya... but I love her soooo much! Must kiss her everytime when I go home. Any solution in it? =]